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V-ACADEMY is an education programme enabling aspiring male and female footballers to play and train like a professional, as part of their year 12 and 13 studies.




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Who should take the course?  

Students who have a passion for football and sport, who are committed to developing their skills and knowledge both on and off the pitch and who are looking to enter a sport related career. Any students interested in enrolling in the Football Academy must pass a successful trial and interview. This is a unique opportunity to combine academic studies and a passion for football.  

Students will be required to attend on Wednesday afternoons for League Matches in addition to the scheduled block, which may affect access to additional courses on home sites. 

What is the course about? 

Students will be enrolled at Onslow St Audrey’s School as student athletes. They will participate in a minimum of 6 hours intensive football coaching and fitness training per week delivered by UEFA qualified coaches. They will not only develop your playing abilities but also your leadership skills. Further to this they will compete in the British National College Football League and gain experience by playing against professional development teams.

V-Academy will offer many students experience days and career opportunities not only in sport but a variety of other roles.

V-Academy have formed a partnership with many clubs, this will allow male and female students the opportunity to create a player pathway for the future, and offer them the opportunity to explore a vast array of different careers and opportunities within the football and sporting environment.

V-Academy have also formed several links with Women’s Super League Teams (WSL) and Women’s National League (WNL) to create further pathways for female players to progress into the professional women’s leagues. 

Where will it take me? 

This course and additional qualifications can lead on to studying sport and non-sport related subjects at university at either Degree or HND Level. You can also use this qualification in employment in a range of fields including Sports Coaching, Leisure Industry, and the Armed forces etc. There is the possibility if students show exceptional talent that through the links with a professional club they could become football scholars and the possibility of further education and a partial or fully funded scholarship in the United States of America due to links with several USA Scholarship Companies.