Our School


At Onslow St Audrey’s School we nurture the qualities and talents of each individual. Our
students are at the heart of our community; we want them to aim high, build strong
relationships, achieve well and leave us with exciting choices over the next stage of their

Onslow St Audrey’s is inextricably linked with the concepts of opportunity, success and
ambition. We nurture our students’ ambition, provide opportunities to support and challenge
their learning, enabling them to be successful in their endeavours. Our school is a truly
inclusive community underpinned by the motto ‘Achieving success together’.

Our students’ positive experiences of teaching and learning are enriched by opportunities
afforded through character education, extra-curricular provision and student leadership
programmes. We have developed a knowledge-rich curriculum which, combined with
significant investment in state of the art facilities, aspires to create a transformative learning
experience for our young people.

Each student at Onslow St Audrey’s is known by their teachers and classmates; this sense
of community spirit makes a real difference to the students’ life chances and is often
commented on by visitors to the school.

I hope this gives you a flavour of life at Onslow St Audrey’s School. We look forward to
welcoming you to find out more.

Julie Jones