Super Curriculum

What is the Super Curriculum?

The OSA Super Curriculum has been developed to encourage you to not only prepare academically within the normal curriculum for future examinations, but balance this with the development of research skills and the ability to debate, communicate confidently, solve problems and think both creatively and critically.  By engaging with the Super Curriculum activities, you will grow a sense of curiosity about the world and a lifelong love of learning.

Why is the Super Curriculum important?

The Super Curriculum can represent all those opportunities to develop depth and breadth of learning outside the curriculum which extends beyond the classroom.  This can also include: clubs, societies, national and international competitions, visiting speakers and festivals, school trips and tours, online courses, blogs etc.

Universities and employers have begun to show an increasing interest in a student's super curricular profile.   We hope you will engage in these activities, which, in turn, will give you a deeper level of understanding of what really interests you.