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A Warm Welcome to Onslow St Audrey’s School. Our vision at OSA is to create opportunities for our students to be successful through a blend of support and challenge in a safe and stimulating environment. We want our students to feel valued, respected and to understand that with a positive attitude to learning...

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  • @OnslowStAudreys - 10:28 PM - 24th January, 2021
  • @OnslowStAudreys - 02:33 PM - 22nd January, 2021 Excellent online courses available
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    Liz Panayiotou
    - 08:41 PM - 20th January, 2021
    If there’s someone who can lift our spirits today, it’s featured here in the work of Charley in Year 10 - I’m actually bursting with pride! This national hero is celebrated in the style of David Carson. I❤️GRAPHICS!
  • @OnslowStAudreys Retweeted
    - 05:29 PM - 20th January, 2021
    Love watching the enthusiasm of our learners on Google classroom. So focused and getting involved in the lesson.
  • @OnslowStAudreys Retweeted
    - 05:29 PM - 20th January, 2021
    Best remote session yet with my Year 12 Double Sport group. Today we started a new unit and the group were so engaged with the activities making it a really informative session! It was made even better as now I have found out how to present and use the chat at the same time!