Behaviour Expectations

‘At Onslow St Audrey’s we want to develop self-disciplined students who not only flourish academically but also develop their character.’

Behaviour Policy

Positive Rewards and Consequence Ladder

At Onslow St Audrey’s we want to develop self-disciplined students who not only flourish academically but also develop their character.  We want our students to develop self-control, monitor their behaviour and show grit; and have a set of key routines and systems to enable us to do this.

All students have a form tutor who provide them with daily pastoral care and can be your first port of call for any enquiries and concerns.

Each Year group is led by a Year Manager who will work very closely with each individual student, providing a consistent and vigorous approach to tracking progress and attendance, working to identify and remove barriers to success. The pastoral team also consists of an attendance and safeguarding officer, school counsellors and family support workers.


Our Learning Wall is presented in each of our classrooms, which has our standard key routine reminders. Our teachers and students will use these daily to establish our key routines. These will include:

  • 3Rs – How we resolve any issues
  • PAUSE – Our basic routines
  • DIRT – How we close the gap in learning and respond to marking
  • PRIDE – How we present our work
  • STAR – Our Classroom rules

4 Step Classroom Warning System

During all lessons the 4 step behaviour plan is in place to challenge any behaviour that can disrupt the learning environment.

On the rare occasion that a student cannot modify their behaviour and continue to disrupt the learning of others, staff members will follow our four step classroom warning system. The system will give students two opportunities to show self-discipline and can lead to a detention. If the student continues not to engage, they will be removed from the lesson and issued an hour detention at the end of the day.

Getting Everyone’s Attention

When getting our students attention in the classroom we hold up our hand and ask for attention from the front of the class.  We expect students to put their hand up to show that they are actively listening and return to silence.  We use non-verbal cues where possible to prompt students and deescalate issues.

Classroom Meet and Greet

When meeting our students, we will welcome them with a handshake or greeting. We will expect all students to stand behind their chairs and begin their starter activity. We will seat our students once they have all have entered the classroom and expect our students to stand behind their chairs at the end of the lesson ready with their coats off and equipment packed away.


STAR – We use Star as our classroom rules to maximise learning within our classrooms. We sit up and actively listen to everyone. We track the speaker, follow instructions immediately.  Ask and answer questions and respect each other.

PAUSE – We use PAUSE to represent our basic routines for attendance, punctuality, uniform and equipment

DIRT – We use DIRT to respond to marking. Teachers write in green pen and our students respond in red.

PRIDE – We use our PRIDE system to present our work appropriately.

Community Code

At Onslow St Audrey’s our ethos is ‘Achieving Success Together’.  As a community we adhere to our community code to enable us to use our school space in harmony and respect our surroundings.


Behaviour is clearly defined in two categories; Standards and Low Level Disruption which will result in detention of thirty minutes and High Level Disruption which will result in an hour detention.  In addition to this, sanctions will be given for non-completion of satisfactory homework.

Severe and Repeat cases of High Level Disruption will result in a student being placed into Reflection. In rare cases of High Level Behaviour, students will be referred to the Senior Leadership Team where permanent exclusion maybe necessary.

Parents are informed by a courtesy text message for students receiving a same day detention.

Failure to attend a detention will result in a two hour SLT detention and can lead to time in reflection or a fixed term exclusion.

Fixed term exclusions from the school – These will be used to deal with serious cases of misconduct. The Headteacher will determine the appropriate level of exclusion depending on the severity of the behaviour.

Permanent exclusion from school – This procedure is carried out by the Headteacher and through the appropriate Governors’ panel, in accordance with DCSF and Hertfordshire County Council guidance, for repeated serious misconduct or possibly for one-off misconduct of exceptional seriousness.

The school will endeavour to work with parents and outside agencies to balance the use of sanctions with support strategies for students where appropriate. This may include a Pastoral Support Programme where repeated misdemeanours have placed a student in danger of permanent exclusion from school


The 3Rs process if used across our school to reflect on any behaviour incidents and to ‘put things right’. During our detention system our staff will use the 3Rs to resolve and move on from any behaviour incidents. We will also use the 3Rs to structure conversations between students.

  1. The main point of the discussion is to REFLECT on the damage to the relationship between the teacher and the student. How could this situation have been different?
  2. Student and teacher should RESOLVE on how the situation could have been avoided. How can we try to ensure this doesn’t happen again?
  3. Student and teacher will RECONCILE and agree to have a fresh start next lesson. How we put things right between those involved?


The reflection room is used as either as an internal exclusion unit to reflect on behavioural choices, missed SLT detention or short term consequence for high level behaviours or while an investigation is taking place for a serious one off behaviour incident.  It is used as an alternative to fixed term exclusions and ensures students can continue their learning. Students will be expected to attend school the following day between the hours of 8:40pm and 4:15pm.

Students must complete the reflection room timetable of allocated work for the day (including morning reflection and community service) and get actively involved in the 3Rs process

At the end of the day students will be placed in the whole school detention until 4:15pm.

Failure to comply with the reflection room rules and expectations can lead to a fixed term exclusion for persistent defiance.

Reports and PSPs

Students will be placed on report when their behaviour is persistent and will move through the report system outlined below. Our team will work closely with parents and our students to set targets and offer the most appropriate support to remove any barriers to success.

  • Form tutor report – 2-4 weeks
  • PSP 1 – Year Manager– Pastoral support programme
  • PSP 2 – SLT – Pastoral support programme
  • PSP 3 – SLT– Head of Pastoral – Pastoral support programme
  • PSP 4 – Headteacher – Pastoral support programme

Uniform and Appearance

At OSA we believe our appearance needs to reflect a real work environment and we will check our students uniform daily. We expect all our students to be in full uniform at all times and will provide a daily alternative for incorrect uniform item.

We will issue a thirty minute standards detention if our students are not in correct uniform during the day.

Further details on behaviour can be found in our behaviour policy.