Summer School



All students due to start Year 7 at OSA in September are invited to attend Summer School during the summer break. The aim of OSA’s Summer School is to deliver a blend of academic education and enrichment activities to support effective transition to secondary school. Planning for the Summer School is based around the objectives outlined below:



Provide a head start to secondary life for Year 7 students

  • Host the programme on the school site to support students’ familiarisation with their new environment. 
  • Design a timetable and curriculum content with a heavy focus on building relationships and routines, including:
  • Opportunities to meet a range of teaching and support staff, including the Year 7 pastoral team;
  • Opportunities to make new friends in large and small group settings with activities that facilitate team building;
  • Opportunities to become accustomed to school routines and develop positive patterns of behaviour.

Support educational recovery for Year 7 students

  • Incorporate a range of subjects with lesson content delivered in an enjoyable and positive learning experience.
  • Incorporate a range of practical subjects that may differ to their primary experience, such as PE, Art and Drama.

Support wellbeing for Year 7 students

  • Incorporate enrichment activities such as team events and sports.
  • Incorporate confidence-building sessions such as Drama.
  • Incorporate a prize-giving event to celebrate success.
  • Ensure float staff on site to provide pastoral support and strategies as needed.