Virtual Y6 into Y7 Friendship Event

Welcome to our ‘virtual’ Friendship Event, where you can experience OSA lessons and meet key personnel. The event would usually be hosted in school as your child would’ve had the opportunity to meet some of their teachers and other students who will be joining them from different primary schools. Students would usually attend taster sessions around the school, whilst parents receive additional information from key staff. Although the event is being hosted online, students and parents can still meet our key personnel by watching the videos below.

Students can still have the opportunity to experience some OSA lessons by clicking the subject links on the left. We have created some taster sessions from the following exciting subjects that students may not be able to experience at primary school:

  • Art
  • Business
  • English
  • Food
  • MFL (French and Spanish)
  • Music/Drama
  • Sport

Watch out for the end of the videos because the teacher will encourage you to have a go at one of the tasks. There are instructions at the end of the video for you to send your completed work to the subjects’ Twitter page. It will be great for our teachers and other students to see your work.