Dear parents and learners,

Welcome to our Post 16 Option Process at OSA.   Each year, we carry out a series of activities with students regarding the options that are available to them at the end of Year 11. This coincides with individual interviews with Mrs Manley, our careers lead and our annual Sixth Form Open Evening where students explore the options open to them here at OSA.  Students have also all been given an individual log-in to a website called Unifrog which allows them to explore different career opportunities.

Of course, normally, we are able to share all of this with you at our Post 16 Options Evening usually held in school but obviously, the current situation means that we are unable to do this.  We have instead, put together some information here to support your son/daughter as they navigate this decision.


JFLMrs J Flint, Assistant Head KS5

Mrs J Flint, Assistant Head KS5

HCl Mrs H Clark, Head of Sixth

Mrs H Clark, Head of Sixth

There is much to explore here but key things to look out for are:

  • The introduction video about the overall option process and the Sixth Form at OSA, with a comment by the headteacher, Mr Bullock (below).
  • A video from Mrs Manley with a more detailed explanation of the options available – Sixth Form, college or an apprenticeship (below).
  • Videos of those subjects on offer in the Sixth Form at OSA
  • A link to the Welwyn & Hatfield Consortium Website where the online application can be found and links to the videos for those subjects taught at consortium sites.
  • A copy of the Sixth Form Information booklet which covers the process and provides an overview of the subjects on offer.

The Sixth Form team will be visiting all Year 11 in form time next week to answer any questions and to explain the application process. Over the next week or so, please take some time to discuss their post 16 options with your son/daughter. This is a very exciting time for them but they need to make informed choices based on their plans for their future and their probable GCSE grades. We will provide as much support for them as they require and are happy to answer any questions that you may have by email or over the telephone.

Introduction Video

Mrs Manley