Friends of Onslow St. Audrey’s School (FOSA) are a group of parents, teachers and friends who voluntarily give their time and skills to support and help the school in numerous ways.

It was set up not just with the ethos of fundraising, but to be a group that supported the School at events, helping where necessary, for example serving refreshments at Open Days and various functions throughout the year.

We can be found decorating and helping to organise events like the Year 11 Prom, as well as unique events such as inflating the balloons released to celebrate the signing of the Magna Carta.

We organise fundraising events, which have included; Race Nights, Quiz Nights, Italian Evening and more!

FOSA has helped the school fund musical instruments, equipment for the cookery department, a film studio, cameras, microphones for the school show and many more items in different departments.

We are always pleased to have new members join, and are hoping to increase our focus on fundraising. Should you wish to become involved please send a message to the email below giving your name and a phone number so that one of the committee can contact you.

Please send your email:

For those of you who have been involved in PTA’s at your children’s Primary School, you will find that this is not as time-consuming but just as worthwhile.