Our House System

House System


Princess Etheldreda was also known as Audrey. Born in 632AD, the daughter of an Anglo-Saxon King of East Anglia. She married Prince Tondbert, and as a wedding gift was given the city of Ely.



Geoffrey de Havilland, pioneering aircraft designer and founder of the de Havilland Aircraft Company purchased some farmland close to Hatfield for an aerodrome.



Bishops of Ely owned the land on which the town of Hatfield stood.



In the Saxon period Hatfield was known as Hetfelle, but by the year 970, when King Edgar gave 5,000 acres to the monastery of Ely, it had become known at Haethfeld.



The Onslow family originally came from Shropshire, but in 1560. Fulk Onslow bought land and property in Hatfield.



The third Marquess of Salisbury was the last prime minister to run Britain from the House of Lords, for most of the period between June 1885 and his retirement in 1902. Owned Hatfield House. (Y11s Only)