Mutual respect, curiosity to try new things and pride in our work are the three key expectations of every Drama lesson! Drama builds students’ self-confidence, team work skills and creative minds.

Career opportunities from studying Drama:

  • Business and sales
  • Education institutions
  • Theatre (Performing, directing, tech, writing, TV production and journalism)
  • Local government
  • Leisure companies
  • Voluntary organisations

Gaining transferable skills:

  • Collaboration
  • Thinking creatively
  • Critical thinking
  • Analytical and evaluative thinking
  • Self confidence
  • Independence
  • Time management and organisation
  • Self-presentation
  • Leading
  • Stamina

Key Stage 3 (Yr. 7, 8 & 9)

An introduction to the basic skills of creating a performance from text to stage.  They devise their own plots and characters and additionally engage with the design elements in the lower years of Drama. Students are encouraged to learn the routines of performing and being a member of an audience and stretched to give constructive feedback to their peers after performances.

In Year 7 - students are introduced to the key terms, routines and basic performing skills to create Charlie Chaplin inspired Silent Movies. After students use these skills to then develop some script writing and produce their own pantomime inspired performance to explore the importance of audience interaction in some theatre genres.

In Year 8 - students explore the parallels and differences between the non-naturalistic characters and their exaggerated mannerisms against naturalistic characters such as, real life heroes. Then students delve into the behind the scenes and challenged to create an atmosphere without any characters!

In Year 9 - students now gain the skills to lift characters from a page to the stage. Directing, design and performing are all considered how best to reach their artistic intention of their modern plays. Theatre writing is also heavily explored as a preparation for the students with a passion for theatre and want to continue their studies in the subject.

Drama GCSE

For the students who have gained a passion for the theatre, designing or performing, can further develop as a performer and/or designer (lighting, sound, set, costume, puppets) in GCSE Drama. Whichever option they choose, students can be sure to gather many invaluable skills, both theatrical and transferable, to expand their horizons.

The GCSE is split into three components:

  • Firstly, a written exam where students can show off their creative ideas about the play Blood Brothers, their opinions on a play seen during their visit to the theatre and their knowledge of the theatre industry.
  • Secondly, students bring a play-text to life through either a live performance or design.
  • Thirdly, students are challenged to devise in their groups an original piece of theatre to perform and log their creative process.
  • All these skills allow the students to feel proud of their individual and collaborative achievements throughout their two years of study.