Art & Design

Art and Design allows students to develop their skills exploring a range of new media inspiring their creativity. GCSE Art and Design endorsements have received 100% at A*-C grade since 2010 due to the outstanding commitment from both students and staff.

Career opportunities from studying Art and Design:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Website Graphic Designer
  • Animation Designer 

Key Stage 3 (Yr. 7, 8 & 9)

Art and Design at Key Stage 3 develops students’ knowledge and awareness of arts techniques and allows them the freedom to explore.  Students are also given the confidence and opportunity to explore a range of skills using different media in preparation for GCSE.

In Year 7 students develop their observation drawing skills focusing on the formal elements, proportion and tonal techniques to create portraiture.

In Year 8 students gain confidence in analysing artists work looking at a range of Pop-Artists developing their skills using ICT and mixed media.  Students also explore the design process and gain an understanding of how to transform a design into a 3D model in the form of an ugly doll.  They create this whilst developing their textile and stitching skills.

In Year 9 students are prepared to deal with the expectations of the GCSE by being taught to think critically when analysing artists work using Blooms Taxonomy. They continue to build on the skills they have learnt, and are given the freedom to use their imagination when creating a response.

Key Stage 4 (Yr. 10 & 11)

The Art department offers Year 9 students the opportunity to take GCSEs in Art and Design, Graphics, Textiles, Photography and Fine Art. Within the courses students visit Galleries, University Degree Shows and are also given the chance to work with visiting Artists and Designers. From this students have produced amazing breezeblock sculptures that are a permanent feature in the school.

Students are supported through varied forms of regular assessment including teacher, self and peer using the Edexcel assessment framework. All students will have a 10 hour exam at the end of year 11 where they create an independent response to the externally set exam theme. Students in GCSE Graphic Communication and Art and Design have all achieved 100% A*- C every year since 2010.

School Resources

The Faculty is well resourced with a wide range of equipment and media.  We also have a Mac suite which has Photoshop on all computers to edit and enhance images.  We offer after school workshops for all key stages to enhance their skills and passion.

In July every year we celebrate the success of our students from KS3, 4 and 5 at our annual Arts Evening which has been hosted by the University of Hertfordshire at their professional art space for the past two years. Art work from all key stages is exhibited for parents, students and staff to view.

Additional Resources