Welcome to Onslow St Audrey’s

Our Ethos and Vision

Thank you for visiting our website which I hope will give you some important information about our school and a flavour of what it is to be a member of our community.

Onslow St Audrey’s School has changed enormously in recent years and we now have a reputation as a vibrant learning community where students achieve excellent results.  Our aim is for every student, by the age of 16, to have achieved at least 5 GCSEs or their equivalent at grade C or higher. A glance at our examination results shows how close we come to achieving this goal. Similarly, we want all of our 18 year-olds to pass their exams at levels that reflect their potential, and I am sure you will be as impressed as I am with our results here.

But our vision for Onslow St Audrey’s goes beyond valuing learning and academic achievement.  Working relationships here are warm and based on mutual respect, and our partnerships with local, national and international charities, businesses and partners are strong and show we are an outward facing school.  As a Business and Enterprise Academy we promote and value self-confidence, innovation, imagination, collaboration, resilience and striving for success.  We are an inclusive and comprehensive school which welcomes students of all abilities, from the gifted and talented to those with special educational needs and disabilities.  We are one of only two secondary schools in Hertfordshire with a specialist Speech and Language base catering for up to twelve students with specific communication needs.

Ours is a busy and vibrant community and a rich environment with many visits, clubs, sports and other activities.  We care for the whole student and believe we must prepare young people to be responsible citizens who contribute actively to the community and the wider world.  To encourage participation in school life beyond the classroom, all students use Didbook to record their goals and activities and Tutors regularly discuss these with their students.

Our vision  is to challenge the minds of young people, inspire success and develop a passion for life.  Visitors to the school comment on its friendly, happy, warm and calm atmosphere, and we nurture friendship, tolerance and respect for others. We have high expectations of behaviour and uniform, and we ask parents and carers to support us in our work.  In return we offer high standards of teaching and a welcoming, happy, safe  community.

Paul Meredith


Our Aims

Every student of the school has the right to equal respect and consideration, and to an education which allows all to reach their full potential so they are well prepared for adult life.

We aim to:

  • provide students the best education possible, regardless of their social, cultural or religious backgrounds, their ability or needs, their gender or beliefs;
  • ensure students are challenged, motivated, supported, inspired and cared for;
  • valueand celebrate effort and success, challenge underachievement and develop talents and interests;
  • provide a learning environment which is safe, happy, stimulating and welcoming;
  • work with and support parents/carers, and to consult students and parents on the quality of the learning experience.

Student Voice

Students make a very important contribution to school improvement, and there are many ways we gather the ideas of students. The documents below are the product
of work done by Year Councils and School Parliament.



Onslow St Audrey’s School is committed to raising achievement and attainment through continuous improvement.  We strive for the best in all we do, hence our motto:

Learning excellence at the heart of the community.

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GCSE Results Day - Thursday 21st August