Year 11 Practice Exams

Dear Parent/Carer

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Our first round of practice exams for Year 11 students starts on Monday 4 December. Success in these exams is a crucial step towards a good performance in next summer’s public exams. If your child is not already revising and preparing, we strongly advise that they should now begin to do this in earnest.

Today, all Year 11 students will be given a booklet of revision materials and revision guidance for all their subjects – an electronic copy is attached here. Students have also been given an hour-long presentation about how to revise effectively.

We advise that in the last few weeks before the exams, students should be doing a minimum of 2 hours focused revision per night, and a minimum of 3-4 hours revision per day at weekends.

To support your child with their revision, please ensure that they have a quiet, focused place to work, free from distractions. It is helpful if they have a space to put up key words, post-its, revision timetables and other materials on a wall so that they can look at them daily. To help your child focus, you may want to limit their use of games consoles, computers, mobile phones, etc.

Should you have any concerns about your child’s revision, or need any advice about how to help them, please get in touch. We wish all Year 11 good luck in their forthcoming exams.

Yours sincerely,
Mr R Bird
Deputy Headteacher