Induction 2020

Each June we usually hold an induction period of three days for all students starting our Sixth Form in the following September.  The aim of this Induction is to provide an opportunity for students to get acquainted with Sixth Form life here at OSA, and within the Welwyn Hatfield Consortium. This year everything is different:

Induction will now be communicated digitally, you will find an introduction to OSA Sixth Form and key staff, by watching the video below presented by Mrs Flint, Assistant Headteacher and KS5 SLT Lead.  You can also take a virtual tour of the Sixth Form block, if you are completely new to OSA you can take a virtual tour of the whole school by clicking here.

Your subject teachers have also prepared induction lessons digitally, and they can be found by clicking the ‘Induction Lessons’ button at the top of this page. (You will need to download the Powerpoints to view and listen.)

Introduction to OSA Sixth Form – Induction 2020

Virtual Tour of Sixth Form Block

Bridging Work – It is important that Year 11 use this time to do some ‘bridging work’ for their chosen Sixth Form courses (or any other ones they are interested in). Each subject has created a range of tasks to get students acquainted with the course they will study and have set an Induction Assignment that will be handed in in September. The work for subjects that will be studied at OSA can be found by clicking the ‘Bridging Work’ button above.

Work for subjects due to be studied off site at a consortium schools can be found on the Welywn and Hatfield Consortium website here:

If you have any questions about this, please email Mrs Flint