Extra-Curricular Clubs

Club Staff Day Time Location
Film Club ARi Monday Lunchtime BE04
Yr7-9 Drama Club NBr Monday Lunchtime Dance & Drama Studio
Italian Club RDo Monday (Week A) Lunchtime E05
Girls Basketball *from 17/09/18 SWa Monday Lunchtime Gym
Board Games Alex Monday Lunchtime BE01 *TBC
Art Club StG Monday Lunchtime C11
Homework Club TAs Monday 3.15-4.00 C2
GCSE  Drama Workshop NBr Monday Dance & Drama Studio
Boys Football (Yr 10&11) *from 17/09/18 JRe Monday 3.20-4.20 Field
Yr 7&8 Girls Football KKn Monday 3.15-4.30 Field
Yr 7 Boys Basketball MDa Monday 3.15-4.30 Gym
Badminton * from 17/09/18 SWi Monday 3.15-4.30 Leisure Centre
Italian Club RDo Tuesday

(Week B)

Lunchtime E05
Yr 8 Boys Basketball DRu Tuesday Lunchtime Gym
Code Club TBy Tuesday Lunchtime IT01
Homework Club TAs Tuesday 3.15-4.00 C2
Library Book Club ECl Tuesday 3.15-4.00 Library
All Girls Football Training *from 17/09/18 GBa Tuesday 3.20-4.20 Field
Yr 9-11 Girls Football KKN Tuesday 3.15-4.30 Field
Yr 8 Boys Basketball SWi Tuesday 3.15-4.30 Gym
Fitness Club *from 18/09/18 SWi Wednesday 7.45-8.20 Gym
Yr 7 Boys Basketball MDa Wednesday Lunchtime Gym
Board Games Alex Wednesday Lunchtime BE01 *TBC
Science Club * from 26/09/18 ACh/JOb Wednesday (Week B) 3.15-4.20 E06
Hegarty Maths Club CPe Wednesday 3.20-4.20 B&E 02
Yr 7 Boys Football SWi Wednesday 3.15-4.30 Field
Yr 9 Boys Football DRu Wednesday 3.15-4.30 Field
Yr 10 Boys Football DFi Wednesday 3.15-4.30 Field
Dance Show SWa Wednesday 3.15-4.30 Hall
Yr 11 Boys Basketball CPe Wednesday 3.15-4.30 Gym
Homework Club TAs Wednesday 3.15-4.00 C2
Club Staff Day Time Location
Duke of Edinburgh DLa Wednesday 3.20 – 4.30 A12
CCF BBu Wednesday 3.30-6.00 Portakabin
Girls Multi Sports KKN Thursday 7.45-8.20 Gym
Game Creation Club TBy Thursday Lunchtime IT01
Ukuele Club DLa Thursday Lunchtime Music Room
Yr 9 Boys Basketball SWi Thursday Lunchtime Gym
Homework Club TAs Thursday 3.15-4.00 C2
Yr 8 Boys Football DBu/MDa Thursday 3.15-4.20 Field
Yr 9&10 Boys Basketball DFi Thursday 3.15-4.20 Gym
Chess Club RBi Friday Lunchtime A25
Board Games Alex Friday Lunchtime BE01 *TBC
Yr 10&11 Boys Basketball DFi Friday Lunchtime Gym
Homework Club TAs Friday 3.15-4.00 C2
  V2 03.10.18

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