Extra-Curricular Clubs

Club Staff Day Time Location
Open Mic Club TBL Monday Lunchtime Music Block
Board Games Young Life Monday Lunchtime Library
Yr 7 Boys Indoor Football DRU Monday 12.20-12.55 Gym
Art Club LPI Monday 3.15-4.00 C11
Homework Club TAs Monday 3.15-4.00 C2
Science Club JOB Monday 3.15-4.20 E6
All Years Girls Football KKN/GBA Monday 3.15-4.30 Field
Yr 7/8 Boys Basketball MDA Monday 3.15-4.30 Gym
Dance Club SWA Monday 3.15-4.30 Hall
Guitar Club CFI Tuesday Lunchtime Music Block
Italian Club RDO Tuesday (Week A) Lunchtime E5
Homework Club TAs Tuesday 3.15-4.00 C2
Library Book Club ECl Tuesday 3.15-4.00 Library
Girls Basketball (all years) SWA Tuesday 3.15-4.15 Gym
Yr 9 Boys Football DFI Tuesday 3.15-4.30 Field
Board Games Young Life Wednesday Lunchtime Library
KS4 Hegarty Maths Club JMO Wednesday 3.20-4.20 B&E2
KS3 Debate Club CWE Wednesday 3.15-4.15 A12
Yr 7/8 Girls Netball EYA Wednesday 3.15-4.30 Netball Court
Yr 7 Boys Football DFI/CFI Wednesday 3.15-4.30 Field
Yr 8 Boys Football MDA/MKE Wednesday 3.15-4.30 Field
Yr 9/10 Girls Netball KKN Wednesday 3.15-4.30 Netball Court
Yr 9/10 Boys Basketball DRU Wednesday 3.15-4.30 Gym
Drama Club LEA Wednesday 3.20-4.15 Drama Studio
Yr 7 Geography Film Club SKA Wednesday (Week A) 3.30-4.15 C7
Homework Club TAs Wednesday 3.15-4.00 C2
CCF BBU Wednesday 3.30-6.00 Portakabin
Table Tennis MDA Thursday 7.45-8.20 Gym
Spanish Club ABR Thursday Lunchtime A22
OCR Sport Table Tennis SWA/MDA Thursday 12.20-12.55 Gym
Homework Club TAs Thursday 3.15-4.00 C2
Young Writers Club GPR Thursday 3.15-4.00 A13
KS3 Hegarty Maths Club CGO Thursday 3.15-4.00 IT2
Duke of Edinburgh KKU/ARI Thursday (fortnightly) 3.20-4.30 A12
OCR Sport Intervention KKN Thursday 3.15-4.30 B&E 1
Chess Club RBI Friday Lunchtime C2
French Club HKI Friday Lunchtime A11
Board Games Young Life Friday Lunchtime Library
All Years Fitness Fridays MDA Friday 7.45-8.20 Gym
Yr 8 Boys Indoor Football DBU Friday 12.20-12.55 Gym
Homework Club TAs Friday 3.15-4.00 C2
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