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Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge 2016

This is the eighth year of The Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge, and fourth year in which Welwyn and Hatfield have run it.  It offers year 12 students the opportunity to set up and run a business, gain organisational and job-related skills and learn about the work and beneficiaries of their designated charity.

Teams are given £100 and their challenge is to turn it into a £1000 + profit for their charity.  The challenge runs between September and March and teams must make a clear business plan into how they will make their profit, they will be judged not only on what they achieve but how they have managed themselves and their colleagues.

£ 1952

Amount raised so far

So lets meet our 2016 team

Team Renaissance

Ellie Rastall – Head Project Leader

Robyn Harvey-Smith – Deputy Project Leader

Kamila Dura – Head Project Manager

Josh Wright – Financial Controller

India Burroughs-Thompson – Head Communications Officer

Nickoel Izharudin – Head Marketing Officer

Shabs Malik – Deputy Marketing Officer

Kealey Baston – Sales and Business Development Executive

Liam Wells – Deputy Sales and Business Development Executive

Billie Stevens – Deputy Sales and Business Development Executive

The charity that Team Renaissance will be fundraising for is Carers in Herts.

Our dedicated Dragon is Land Securities