Tuesday 8th May 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Weather forecasts for tomorrow show continued high temperatures; therefore students will be permitted to remove their blazers and ties after morning break should they wish to do so.

Girls U13 NASUWT County Shield Final

Tuesday 13th March 2018

Woollams Sports Ground
Harpenden Rd
St Albans

Souvenir programmes – £1
Park in designated spaces only (an overflow car park will be signposted)
Refreshments will be available in the main building from 4pm until 6pm
Watch the game from the opposite side of the pitch to the team managers and subs.
Woollams is a strictly NO DOGS venue

Science Block Heating

For the past 2 weeks there has been a fault on the air conditioning units in the science block. This has resulted in the system not being operable which has resulted in no heat in the block.

School Open

SCHOOL OPEN today – 2nd March

Due to a poor weather forecast later today, we have concerns about students and staff getting home safely and will therefore close the school early at the end of Period 3.

Careers Support Needed!

Dear Parent/Carer

The annual Careers Fair is a fantastic event that students thoroughly enjoyed and were inspired by last year, with over thirty business professionals visiting Onslow St Audrey’s School in the middle of January to offer their help and guidance.

Our passionate ‘career’ volunteers give up their time to talk very informally and openly about the recruitment process, day to day workload, salaries, opportunities and more. Students attend from Years 9, 10 and the Sixth Form, and get invaluable information and ideas on a diverse range of careers, from medicine and law to construction management and retail.

If you are interested in offering your time to be a career ‘volunteer’ – whatever your career! – please email amanley@onslow.herts.sch.uk
The Careers Fair will take place on Wednesday 17th January 2018, 9am – 12.20pm.

Kind Regards,
Mrs Manley

School Closed Monday 11th December 2017

Good evening.

Following weather updates, and the possible risks to staff and students we have made the decision to close the school on Monday 11th December. At present we are open on Tuesday however will update if the weather continues and we intend to stay closed.

Take care and stay safe.

Bad Weather – School Open/Close Information

Could I take this opportunity to remind parents of our procedures with regard to snow.

At Onslow St Audrey’s we think it is important to stay open whenever possible, so please assume that we will be open. We will only close if weather conditions deteriorate sharply. If this is the case, we will text / email you by 8.15am.

The reason we stay open even when to do so is difficult, is because we believe that education is too important to miss even a day.

Our procedures are as follows:

1. Assume we are open!

We will only post a message on our website and text / email parents to confirm that we are closing. We have proved in the past that we can remain open even under the most difficult of circumstances.

2. Don’t Rush!

Although school will start at 8.40 am as usual, we will keep the registers open until 9.30 am to allow for extra journey time, if needed.

3. Be prepared!

Help your child to understand why we stay open and reassure them. Make sure your child has suitable footwear to wear in the snow, with a change of shoes to wear inside if needed.

Michael Harpham

GCSE Results in the Summer – Follow Up

Following this summer’s GCSE results, a thorough investigation was carried out into our Combined Science performance. The results highlighted concerns over the leadership and management and we have acted immediately to address this.

A new interim Head and Deputy Head of Science have been appointed. They have taken all necessary steps to ensure that this year’s Key Stage 4 students, on the Combined Science course, are on track to achieve their target grades and will continue to do so.

Michael Harpham

Year 11 Practice Exams

Dear Parent/Carer

[prettyfilelist type=”pdf,xls,doc,zip,ppt,img,mp3″ filestoshow=”9962,” hidefilter=”true” hidesort=”true” hidesearch=”true” openinnew=”true” filesPerPage=”3″]

Our first round of practice exams for Year 11 students starts on Monday 4 December. Success in these exams is a crucial step towards a good performance in next summer’s public exams. If your child is not already revising and preparing, we strongly advise that they should now begin to do this in earnest.

Today, all Year 11 students will be given a booklet of revision materials and revision guidance for all their subjects – an electronic copy is attached here. Students have also been given an hour-long presentation about how to revise effectively.

We advise that in the last few weeks before the exams, students should be doing a minimum of 2 hours focused revision per night, and a minimum of 3-4 hours revision per day at weekends.

To support your child with their revision, please ensure that they have a quiet, focused place to work, free from distractions. It is helpful if they have a space to put up key words, post-its, revision timetables and other materials on a wall so that they can look at them daily. To help your child focus, you may want to limit their use of games consoles, computers, mobile phones, etc.

Should you have any concerns about your child’s revision, or need any advice about how to help them, please get in touch. We wish all Year 11 good luck in their forthcoming exams.

Yours sincerely,
Mr R Bird
Deputy Headteacher

Bullying is Unacceptable at Onslow St Audrey’s

Dear Parent / Carer / Guardian,
I just want to be clear about a couple of things with parents regarding bullying:
1. Bullies and bullying in any form are completely unacceptable at OSA and have no place in this school.
2. If your child tells you they are being bullied, please contact Emma McIntyre, Head of Student Support, or Steven Booth, Assistant Head (pastoral) at the school immediately.
3. In the event your child is involved in an incident happening outside school and outside school time, this is a matter for the police and they should be contacted about the incident.
4. If an incident happens outside school and the student is in uniform, they are bringing the school into disrepute. Please notify the school immediately. This will be followed up the next day and sanctioned – probably with an exclusion.
5. Where incidents happen outside school and they carry on inside school, they will be followed up and sanctioned as with all incidents happening in school.
6. If you have any further questions arising from amy of the above points, please contact your child’s Year Manager in the first instance.
Many thanks for your support.
Michael Harpham