Bad Weather – School Open/Close Information

Could I take this opportunity to remind parents of our procedures with regard to snow.

At Onslow St Audrey’s we think it is important to stay open whenever possible, so please assume that we will be open. We will only close if weather conditions deteriorate sharply. If this is the case, we will text / email you by 8.15am.

The reason we stay open even when to do so is difficult, is because we believe that education is too important to miss even a day.

Our procedures are as follows:

1. Assume we are open!

We will only post a message on our website and text / email parents to confirm that we are closing. We have proved in the past that we can remain open even under the most difficult of circumstances.

2. Don’t Rush!

Although school will start at 8.40 am as usual, we will keep the registers open until 9.30 am to allow for extra journey time, if needed.

3. Be prepared!

Help your child to understand why we stay open and reassure them. Make sure your child has suitable footwear to wear in the snow, with a change of shoes to wear inside if needed.

Michael Harpham