Music has the power to help our students grow and express themselves creatively, whilst gaining self-confidence and developing other key life skills.

Career opportunities from studying Music:

  • Session Musician
  • Music Producer
  • Composer

Key Stage 3 (Yr. 7, 8 & 9)

The main focus at Key Stage 3 is to encourage students to engage in music making and express themselves creatively. This is done through a practical approach, which allows students to be more involved in the actual process of producing and making music, both instrumental as well as vocal.

Year 7 - In year 7, students are taught for one hour per fortnight. First students explore the elements of music as well as graphic notation, using shapes and symbol to represent music they are creating. Then students study basic keyboard skills working in pairs to perform a song with basic keyboard technique. Students then move on to a singing skills unit to prepare for a live performance at the school.

Year 8 - In year 8 students learn basic technique on guitar, explore creating a hip-hop composition, performing as a whole-class Samba Band reading basic rhythmic notation and improvising rhythms. Students then move on to a songwriting project having to perform their song A Capella (only using voices), before moving on to an instrumental project. During this project the students get to experience playing electric and acoustic guitar, drums and keyboard so they are able to decide which instrument to specialise in when they start year 9.

Year 9 - Students Learn slightly more advanced technique on their chosen instrument in a skills building project before being put in to bands and given a choice of songs to choose from to learn as a group. This builds on students’ social skills and ability to work independently, as a group and reflect on their own practice sessions in a continuing logbook. This is an introductory unit to the type of work to expect on the BTEC Course. Students then have to explore the relationship between art and music in a composition project using keyboards. Students then have to perform a solo on an instrument of their choice and then complete the year in a more advanced version of the songwriting project from year 8.

Key Stage 4 (Yr. 10 & 11)

Music is also taught at BTEC (Edexcel) where students further their performance and compositional skills as well as studying and analysing job roles and organisations from the music industry. This course is designed to be a brief glimpse in to what it is like to work in the music industry.

Breakdown of the BTEC course:

  • 25% – Unit 5 – Introducing Music performance. Students have to perform a solo on their chosen instrument for a live performance. They are then put in to bands to perform an ensemble performance. All the time writing a reflective diary of their progress in technique and of their songs.
  • 25% – Unit 2 – Managing a Music Product. Students have to work as a whole group to put on their own concert including managing the budget, promotion, rehearsal process, booking the venue and everything involved in the delivery of the event. Following it all up with an evaluation.
  • 25% – Unit 4 – Introducing Music Composition. Students are presented with a brief which they would normally come across in the music industry, whether this is composing a piece of music for an advert, film trailer or a collaboration with an artist. Students have to compose 3 starting points, develop 2 to half way, then follow through on one to a fully realised composition and notate it so it can be understood and performed.
  • 25% – Unit 1 – The Music Industry. This is the externally assessed exam on the job roles and organisations within the music industry, how they work and interact with each other.

We have a range of committed instrumental staff who teach guitar, piano and voice. Students who enroll on BTEC Music receive lessons on a chosen instrument once per week.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We are very proud of the extra-curricular activities that we provide. This includes a choir, a guitar club, keyboard club, ukulele club, concert band, drumming club as well as general rehearsal time for the number of budding bands and artists we have thriving at the school.

School Resources

The Music block is equipped with a main classroom with 4 practice rooms.
We have a full range of instruments including a full class set of violins, drums, guitars, and ukuleles, as well as a class set of keyboards a full compliment of steel pans, and a range of other world instruments. We also have a full live sound system, 2 mixing desks, 4 electric drum kits and 4 acoustic drum kits.

Additional Resource Websites